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So Many Dogs…!

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Here we are in February 2021, and we seem to have had more stray dogs come into the shelter in the last two weeks than the last two months. While we are not 100% positive about this, we do wonder if our reputation is getting around. Are people dumping their dogs close to the shelter now because they know FOMAS will take care of them and find them a great home? People know we do not euthanize and we work very hard to handle any issues that arise for each of our dogs. Maybe they feel it’s the safest place for an unwanted dog.

While we are always happy to help as many dogs as possible, the obvious risks of dumping a dog and driving off are too numerous to mention. We do want to let folks know that we will help in as much as we are capable of. However…if you, or someone you know is considering getting rid of a dog, PLEASE CONTACT US!! We will work something out with you if you are concerned about whether we have room or paying the surrender fee. Please do not just leave them!

Call 505-501-2898 if you need help.

Anne Greene Founder, Executive Director of FOMAS