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Poncho & Shadow

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Poncho (collie) and Shadow (Lab mix)

Life has been forever enriched here at FOMAS after the admission of two thirteen-year-old dogs, Shadow and Poncho. Our hearts broke just a little when they first arrived, one with a lame back leg, the other just VERY old-looking. They were shy and afraid, having lived outdoors in the same location for their entire lives.

As we got to know them, however, we enjoyed watching their personalities emerge. Shadow was outgoing, friendly and eager for pets, Poncho was fearful and hid, ironically, in Shadow’s shadow. Eventually, Poncho approached as well, with Shadow’s confident assurance that we were “okay.”

They are now in foster care with the amazing Chuck and Bev, who treat all of our dogs with the utmost attention and patience.

It has been so heartwarming to watch these two pups’ affection for each other and their gradual blossoming in their new situation. Bev and Chuck are patiently working with them on housetraining (!!!) and offering them their choice of four or five luxurious beds. Poncho is growing bolder about crossing the threshold to go in AND out of the house. Shadow stocks up on as much petting and love as he can get.

Whoever adopts these two (and yes, they are a BONDED pair,) may not have them for many years…but these dogs will provide those adopters a lifetime of love while they are here.

And we are proud to be able to offer them a very comfortable and dignified end-of-life experience, as all dogs deserve.