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Fostering Saves Lives

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The summer of 2021 has proven to be a challenging one, not just for Mountainair Animal Shelter, but for shelters all across New Mexico and the nation. The pandemic had everyone at home for over a year, and then BOOM!… people went back to work, on vacation, or just out of the house, all at the same time! The shelters filled up beginning in May and June, and have remained full ever since.

Since we are so VERY small, we are fortunate that we can keep the same dogs for some time without the horrific pressure of euthanizing them to make space. Most shelters do not have that luxury.

However, we DO feel pressure to move dogs and get them adopted. The only way we have been able to accommodate incoming dogs has been to have a few foster homes. Currently we have three active fosters…and they save lives on a regular basis by welcoming dogs into their homes.

Sometimes the dogs have medical or behavioral issues, and sometimes they just need a break from the shelter. But all the dogs have benefitted greatly from the tender loving care they receive from our extraordinary foster-families.

Some people say, “I could never do that. I would keep them all,” or “I couldn’t do it because I couldn’t say goodbye,” (same thing!), or, “I could never do what you do, Anne, it would be too hard…”

I hear you…we hear you. And I’d like to politely disagree. Is it hard? Yes, at times it’s VERY hard. Do we cry? Sure…lots of times. Do we fall apart and have a mental breakdown because of working with these homeless animals?

The answer is NO.

Here’s the reality: The joy of a dog leaping up to greet you, the little dance they do for their supper, the crazy way they play together and their exhale of relief as they settle in your lap, ALL outweigh the tears and fears we feel for these blessed beings. I can speak for all the volunteers at FOMAS; that helping these dogs has IMPROVED OUR LIVES beyond measure…which is why we keep coming back for more, day after day and year after year.

So, what we say to you (Yes, YOU!) is:


There is far more joy to be had from helping these dogs than the few moments of sadness for them.

TRY IT! You just might LOVE IT.

If you are interested in volunteering or fostering, please email us at woof@fomas.org or anne@fomas.org